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Seal Test Machine

The seal test machine can record the following information in situ; seal temperature, grease temperature, frictional torque, environment temperature, grease loss, RPM, and axial load. Data as such can be used to understand sealing performance and the environmental heat generated due to the friction.


Features and benefits

Motor Speed of 600 RPM
The capability of motor speed control allows us to study the wear behavior of the seal under different surface speeds. The analysis provides wear behavior prediction to the combination of different seal sizes and rotational speeds.

Axial Motion Frequency of 6Hz
This feature introduces axial motion to the bearing during the test. The axial motion of the bearing during operation is the result of design tolerances of roller cone bits. Such axial motions lead to pressure spikes acting directly on the seal which introduces further wear to the seal. The machine is capable of introducing such phenomenons to the test conditions.