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AVENGER bits bring together the best of patented features, knowledge, and experience to produce improved ROP, lower Total Drilling Cost and extended bit life. With two sealed bearing packages available and shared cutting structures there is a bit for your application.


Features and benefits

EdgeGuard™ Shirttail Protection
Avenger dramatically advances the design of sealed bearing bits with its patented EdgeGuard shirttail protection package. This forward-thinking design helps avoid the traditional tradeoff between bearing package size and shirttail protection. Patented EdgeGuard technology deploys patented tungsten carbide plates along the shirttail edge. These space efficient plates maximize protection of the seal and bearing without constraining bearing capacity. This premium shirttail protection, combined with Varel’s exclusive Sidewinder cuttings evacuation system, provides longer runs and more reliable performance.

Enhanced Cutter Design
Customized for purpose cutting structures provide the highest penetration rates and longest life available in a cutting structure.

High Energy Tumbling (HET)
Precision manufactured tungsten carbide inserts (TCI) are processed for maximum toughness with a patented process known as HET. This process reduces stress on the surface of the inserts providing an insert with a toughened skinned. The tougher insert withstands chipping, cracking, and bending better than standard inserts and prolongs cutting structure life.

Sidewinder™ Cuttings Evacuation
All Avenger products are designed with the Sidewinder shirttail design to enhance cuttings removal from the hole bottom. This eliminates most of the re-cutting of cuttings as they are lifted up and out of the hole more efficiently with the Sidewinder design.


AVENGER Journal Bearing

The journal bearing design extends bearing life with five patented features, starting with a labyrinth cuttings exclusion to protect the bearing seal, seal surface texturing, conical seal gland geometry, bearing seal heat shield, and bearing pressure attenuator.

AVENGER Roller Bearing

Sealed roller bearings are a step change from a non-sealed bearing. The bearing is designed to minimize heat generation with bearing elements featuring advanced materials to allow maximum bearing life with a wide variety of operating conditions. Thrust capacity is improved by minimizing outward thrust wear to prolong bearing life.