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Rotary Percussion System™ (RPS)

Varel’s patented rotary-percussion tools provide unparalleled performance, versatility and reliability to virtually any rotary drilling environment. Designed for air rotary operations, the RPS delivers increased rate of penetration, reduced total drilling cost and more value to the bottom line, with its unique ability to harness rotary and percussion forces. The RPS tool employs the efficient application of the compressed air energy, not just maximum striking force per blow. This application is complementary to existing rotary drilling forces, and that synergy is utilized to maximize rate of penetration and overall performance.

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Features and benefits

No Oil Technology
Expensive oilers are not required so there are no recurring oil costs or logistics involved. Oil does not invade your samples and environmental restrictions are not a concern. Plug and play technology with existing rotary drills.

Low Pressure Application
RPS will operate efficiently on any air rotary drill rig with as little as 80 psi available. Effectively making the RPS a broad application tool for the blast hole market.

Percussion Energy
The RPS system delivers additional energy to the bit, supplementing the energy delivered by the rotational and pull-down forces of standard rotary drilling. Unlike DTH hammers, this energy comes in relatively low impact bursts, up to 30 times a second. The axial forces of percussion energy result in a pulverization zone that can be up to twice the length of the striking cutter (TCI, mill tooth, other) in depth.

RPS Versatility
With RPS, you are able to drill a much broader array of geological formations and drilling conditions with greater ease and higher performance. Drill in softer formations with a more aggressive bit and still be able to penetrate layers of harder rock. Drill in hard formations with a hard formation bit and still drill efficiently through soft clays or alluvium. Mitigates concern over water or other bore intrusions that might cause the tool to stop. Drilling can continue in straight rotary mode. Switching out bits is easy – all RPS tools are built with API bit connections.