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D-FORCE™ – Abrasive Formations

D-FORCE products feature longer-life bearings, heavy duty shirttails, a unique Sidewinder leg design, enhanced air flow system and improved abrasion resistant tungsten carbide inserts, providing added durability and increased penetration rates under a wide variety of operating conditions.


Features and benefits

Advanced Bearing Package
Designed to minimize heating and provide maximum bearing life.

Enhanced Shirttail Protection
Abrasion resistant flat inserts set into the Varel Sidewinder design create an extremely strong gage beneficial for holding gage while drilling ahead

Improved Cutting Elements
Varel's patented High Energy Tumbling (HET™) method produces a unique cutting structure surface that extends bit life and increases drilling rate

Vented Cones
Standard in all D-FORCE series bits 9" and larger in diameter, vented cones allow a continuous air flow throughout the bearing to provide better cooling and cleaning

Increased Hole Wall Clearance
Keeps the bit body away from the hole wall with raised shirttail inserts, improving evacuation of large cuttings and reducing abrasive wear on the bit body.

Sidewinder Leg Design
Improves cuttings removal from the hole bottom by allowing more area for cuttings to flow by the bit towards the surface. This increases the rate of penetration by eliminating cuttings re-grinding.