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RIDGEBACK® – Hard Rock

RIDGEBACK products contain longer life bearings, additional gage protection and improved cutting structure elements for use in high pull-down applications.

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Features and benefits

High Pull Down Bearing Package
Advanced materials used in the bearing package minimize the heat and wear generated in high pull down applications improving bearing life and bit longevity. An improved thrust face design reduces outward thrust wear to prolong bearing life.

Improved Cutting Elements
Varel's patented High Energy Tumbling™ (HET) method produces a unique cutting structure surface toughness that extends bit life and increases drilling rate.

Vented Cones
Standard in all RIDGEBACK series bits 9" and larger in diameter, vented cones allow a continuous air flow throughout the bearing to provide better cooling and cleaning.

SR1 Gage Protection
This combines semi-round top (SRT) tungsten carbide inserts with welded hardfacing for superior wear resistance and optimum gage life.